This Is The Best Powerbait Setup For Trout Fishing

If I’m feeling lazy and want an easy day of trout fishing then I’m going to be tossing on Powerbait. You really don’t have to do a whole lot since it’ll just float out in the water and it’s actually one of the more effective baits. In this post, I’m going to be showing you the best Powerbait rig/setup for trout fishing.

The entire setup is really simple and all you’re going to need is the right fishing line, a barrel swivel, a bullet weight, a circle hook, and the right Powerbait. You can toss on a bobber if you want but it’s not needed. This rig is definitely in my top two when it comes to trout fishing and the only other thing that works as well is a spinner (in my experience).

You can just throw on a hook with some bait and most likely catch some fish but you’ll have much better luck if you have the perfect rig setup. We’ll be talking about what rod/reel you should be using, the fishing line I always go with, why you need a swivel/weight, and how to actually fish it. Continue reading or watch the video below for the full trout fishing details.

Trout Fishing Rod & Reel

When it comes to trout fishing, the rod/reel you use isn’t that important. You can catch them on a small ice fishing rod and you can catch them on a heavy-duty ocean rod. That being said, you’ll have the most luck if you use the lightest rod you can.

I think using a spinning reel will work best for you but I’ve caught plenty of a baitcaster as well. The more important thing is the strength of the rod. If you use a heavy fishing rod then you might have a tough time feeling the bite. That’s why I always go as light as possible.

If you have a lighter rod then you’ll be able to feel the bites much better and that’ll let you set the hook quicker and catch more fish. I almost always use a medium or medium-heavy rod depending on the size of trout I’m after. The lake I normally go to has 1 pound rainbow trout but it also has 20 pound lakers. The medium-heavy can handle both but a medium will be better if you’re just going after smaller trout.

Fishing Line For Trout

The next thing we’ll talk about is what fishing line to use. A lot of it will depend on the watercolor you’re fishing in but as a general rule, you’ll want to use as light of line as you can. Trout can see fishing line so the thinner the better in most cases.

For pretty much all my rods, I’ll use a braided line with a fluorocarbon leader. You don’t have to do the same but it’s what I prefer. I’ll normally use 10 lb braided line with a 6 lb fluorocarbon leader. It’ll obviously have to be heavier if I’m going after lakers.

The reason I use a braided line is that it’s a lot stronger than normal fishing line, it lasts 3-4x longer, it can cast farther, it’s thin, and it has no stretch so you can feel the bites better. If you’re fishing around any type of cover then you’ll want to use this. If you get hung up you can give it a good yank without it breaking.

I’ll then use a fluorocarbon leader (about 2 feet long) because it’s the hardest line for the trout to see. Both braid and mono are pretty easy to see in the water so you’ll catch more with fluoro. It’ll also sink (which braid and mono don’t) to help you get down to the right depth. You can go straight fluoro if you want but it’s really up to you. I’ll attach the leader with the Surgeon’s knot.

Trout Fishing Tackle

The next thing to talk about is the tackle you’ll need to use. This is going to be things like swivels, weights, bobbers, and hooks. It’s not the most important thing but I do think it can help you catch more fish.

Let’s start with weight. I always like to toss on weight when I’m using fishing with Powerbait because it does float and the weight will help your hook sink to the right depth. There are a bunch of weights to pick from but I always prefer using bullet weights.

They work really well because it’ll allow the line to move freely through the weight and won’t cause resistance. If you use a split-shot, the trout can feel that resistance right away and it might spit the hook. You won’t get that with a bullet. Here’s one on Amazon that comes in a bunch of different sizes.

trout weights

The next thing you’ll want to do is attach a swivel. This is going to let you attach the two lines, keep the weight from sliding down, and prevent the line from twisting. The first thing you’ll want to do is put the bullet weight on your mainline and then attach the swivel below it. You can then attach your leader to the other end of the swivel (it should be about 2 feet long).

The final thing you’ll need to do is attach your hook. Any hook will do the job but I prefer using a #6 circle hook for smaller trout and then something bigger for the lakers. I like using a circle hook because it’ll catch the trout in the side of the mouth (most of the time) and it makes catch and release easier. A #6 hook is a good size for rainbow trout but you can always adjust as the size of the fish changes.

The Best Powerbait For Trout

The last thing we need to talk about (and most important) is what Powerbait to use. There are a number of different types and colors to pick from (eggs, maggots, etc) but I like using standard yellow corn scented Powerbait. I find it the easiest to work with and it tends to catch the most fish. See our favorites here.

What you’ll want to do is scoop out some Powerbait and roll it into a ball. You’ll want to massage it into a solid ball and then you’ll press the hook into it. The entire hook should be covered by the Powerbait because trout will see the hook if it’s showing. I also like using yellow because it’s bright and it imitates corn, which all trout love.

All you have to do now is cast it out and wait. You don’t have to cast and retrieve and you don’t have to jig it up and down. Powerbait does float but your weight should bring it down to the bottom and then your hook will float above the ground. That’s where they’re most likely to be and that’s the beauty of Powerbait.

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