About Jon Webber

Jon Webber is the founder of Backcountry Cariboo. He started this website from the ground up and loves everything about the outdoors, fishing, camping, and survival.

I first started fishing when I was 2 years old and this is when I caught my first kokanee. I’ve always loved the outdoors and try to spend as much time in nature as I can. It doesn’t matter if it’s fishing, dirt biking, hiking, camping, or learning different survival tactics.

I live in British Columbia, Canada, and spend a lot of time in an area called “The Cariboo”. Hence, the name of the website. It’s an awesome area for everything outdoors, but I also spend a good amount of time on Vancouver Island salmon fishing.

When I was first learning about fishing or had specific questions about something, I had a hard time finding the answers. That’s why I decided to start this website and share everything I was learning. Anything from what lures work best for different types of fish to certain survival skills you should know, we’ll be talking about it.

My absolute favorite thing to do is dirt bike or hike into a remote fishing spot, set up camp, catch dinner, and spend the night. I’ve learned quite a bit about techniques and gear you’ll need to know, and that’s what I want to share.