About Backcountry Cariboo

Backcountry Cariboo is an informative website that teaches readers all about fishing, camping, survival, etc. Our goal is to be the ultimate resource for all of your outdoor needs.

Backcountry Cariboo was started back in 2019 and was created by Jon Webber. I had a lot of questions when I was learning about everything but I always had a tough time finding the answers I was after. That’s why I decided to create this website and provide current and valuable information to the world. Backcountry Cariboo is now run solely by Jon Webber and a team of passionate outdoor enthusiasts.

Again, our main goal is to provide the best resources to anyone looking to learn about fishing, hiking, camping, or wilderness survival. This includes everything about fresh and saltwater fishing, hiking and camping gear, and wilderness survival skills you need to know about.

If you have any suggestions for articles that we should write or videos that we should make, feel free to contact us.