The History Of Yamaha Dirt Bikes

Yamaha dirt bikes have been around for a long time now and are one of the more popular bike companies around. In this post, I’ll be covering the entire history of Yamaha dirt bikes and also answering a few common questions.

I’ve been on most of the other dirt bikes on the market but Yamaha is still one of my favorites. The first bike I ever owned was a Yamaha TTR 125 and I still have it to this day and it’s had very little problems.

The company has been around since the late 1800s and they originally started making pianos. They’ve branched out since and make everything from electronics, instruments, boats, and of course dirt bikes.

In 1954 the company produced their first dirt bike which was called the Yamaha YA-1. It was a 2 stroke 125cc bike but it wasn’t until 12 years later that they made their first dirt bike.

Yamaha’s first dirt bike was called the Yamaha DT-1 which was a 250cc 2 stroke bike. It was called the first true off-road bike and was a huge success across North America.

The 2 stroke bikes they made weren’t quite up to par with the other bikes and seemed to lack the extra bit of power they needed to win some races. That’s when the bigger 4 stroke engines came into play and ever since then they’ve been able to dominate the 4 stroke market.

Yamaha was actually the first company to introduce the bigger 4 stroke bikes that could compete with the 250cc 2 strokes that were being raced by everyone. This was done in 1997 and the bike was called the Yamaha YZ400F.

That brings us to today. Yamaha has continued to produce some of the best bikes out there and is commonly found on the leaderboards of the Motocross races around the world.

Where Are Yamaha Dirt Bikes Made?

The Yamaha headquarters is located in Iwata, Japan but their bikes are produced in plants all over the world. Japan, India, Philipines, and the USA to name a few.

Are Yamaha Dirt Bikes Good?

I’ve had my TTR 125 for 12 years now and have had very little problems with it. It doesn’t have a crazy amount of hours on it and is used for trail riding during hunting season. The only issues I’ve had with it was the choke seizing up.

How Much Are Yamaha Dirt Bikes?

The price of the bike will all depend on the engine size and the type of bike. If you were to buy a brand new bike the cheapest would be around $1500 (a 50cc trail riding bike) and the most expensive would be $9600 (a 450cc cross country bike). You can always get them used much cheaper.

What Color Are Yamaha Dirt Bikes?

Yamaha dirt bikes have been a few different colors over the years. When they first started out they were mainly white. They then were yellow for a while. After that, they went with a white and red style. Then they were mainly white with some blue. And finally, they went with the mainly blue and some white (which is most common to this day).

What’s The Best Yamaha Dirt Bike?

The best bike for you will all depend on what you’ll be using it for. If you’re only going to be doing trail riding the TTR series has been an awesome bike for me and is less expensive than the other bikes. If you’ll be using it on the track the YZ series is generally the go to. If you want an all-around bike that can be used in every type of situation the WR series is a great choice (but is the most expensive type of bike).

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