How Much Oil Does A Yamaha TTR 125 Take?

When it was time to do my first oil change (which I’d never done before) I turned to the trusty YouTube and searched how much oil does a TTR 125 take?

I have a 2007 bike and it seems like most of the newer and older models take a similar amount. It’s pretty easy to remember that a TTR 125 will take 1.0 liter (or 1.06 US quart) of oil.

I don’t really worry about the extra 0.06 quart because the extra oil left after I drain it should make up the difference. Always be sure to check you have the correct amount in (with the dipstick) and be sure to hold the bike upright when you do.

If you’re wondering how often you should change the oil in your TTR 125 you can look at the table below. That’s taken straight out of my manual. It’s recommended that you change the oil every 6 months if you’re not using it much. If you use it a lot you can go based on distance or hours. I don’t use mine a whole lot and stick to the 6-month schedule.

how often to change oil in a ttr 125

How To Check The Oil On A TTR 125 (And Add)

Checking the oil on your bike (and adding more) is extremely simple and should be done regularly. If you’ve ever checked or added oil in your car it’s pretty much the same thing and will only take a few minutes. Here’s what you do:

  1. Let the bike warm up (around 5 minutes).
  2. Turn the bike off and let it cool down (3-5 minutes).
  3. Stand the bike upright.
  4. Remove the dipstick and wipe off the oil that’s on it.
  5. Once the dipstick is clean you’ll put it back in (but don’t screw it in).
  6. If the oil level is below the mark, add more (otherwise, the level is good).
  7. Double-check the oil level again.
  8. Put the dipstick back.

When you’re topping off the oil make sure you don’t overfill it. It doesn’t take much to top it off so be sure to go slow and add small portions of oil. That’s pretty much it. It might sound like a lot at first but it’s really not.

You can go longer than this without checking or topping off the oil (I have) because mine doesn’t seem to burn much oil but if you’re going to be using it a lot of for longer rides, just do it.

What Kind Of Oil Does A Yamaha TTR 125 Take?

It’s pretty important to figure out what type of oil to put in your bike. I’m sure there’s been a countless amount of people who just throw any old oil in and call it a day. Don’t be that person!

What Kind Of Oil Does A TTR 125 Take

I’ve taken a picture out of my manual but Yamaha recommends you put in either 10W-30 or 20W-40 type oil. They suggest either Yamalube or SAE (which I’ve always done) but I’m sure it doesn’t really matter. I like to play it safe and do what they say.

What Oil Filter Does A TTR 125 Take?

There are a bunch of different air filters to pick from and I’m pretty sure it doesn’t really matter. The first couple of filters I got were from the Yamaha store (which is probably best) but the latest one I got was this high flow racing filter (just because I didn’t want to go out). It’s done the job just fine.

A lot of the time you can just clean the filter and it’ll be good as new. If you clean it every 6 months it should last quite a while but sometimes it’ll be pretty bad and easier to just replace (you can see the full schedule above in the “air filter element” section).

How To Change The Oil In A TTR 125

If it’s time to change the oil in your bike, don’t worry, it’s a pretty simple process and will take no longer than 30 minutes. Here are the steps you should take:

  1. Start the bike and let it warm up (3-5 minutes).
  2. Turn the bike off and let it cool down (3-5 minutes).
  3. Stand the bike upright.
  4. Remove the dipstick.
  5. Put an oil pan below the bike.
  6. Remove the drain bolt, washer, and drain the oil.
  7. Press the turn bike off switch and give it a couple of kicks (to fully drain).
  8. Oil the drain bolt and screw it back in.
  9. Remove the oil filter and put the new one in.
  10. Put 1 Liter or 1.06 US quarts of oil in.
  11. Put the dipstick back in and test the oil level.

P.S. Don’t be an idiot and make sure the oil gets disposed of correctly.

What Happens If You Don’t Have Oil In Your Dirt Bike?

Want to know what’ll happen to your dirt bike if you don’t have enough oil? Give it a try and see! Jokes aside, it’s just bad and your engine will break. Here’s a quick video that will show you the difference between an engine with oil and without oil:

How Important Is It To Change The Oil Frequently

There are 2 important reasons why it’s important to change your oil on a regular basis. Every bike is different but if you have a TTR 125 just follow what we talked about before and you’ll be good.

The first reason is that engines do burn oil and will need to be topped up every so often.

The second is that oil goes bad too (just like anything else). You need fresh oil and a fresh filter to keep your bike performing and lasting for the long-term. It’ll help remove dirt and other debris from your engine.

It’s a small cost to keep an expensive toy performing to its ability.

Let me know your thoughts and any questions you have. Like this article? Feel free to give it a share!

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