Fishing Boat Weight: How Much They Weigh On Average

If you’re looking for a new fishing boat it can sometimes be tough to figure out what’ll be best for you and your current vehicle. In this post, I’m going to be talking about the average weight of each type of fishing boat so you can see whether or not your vehicle can tow it.

In short, the average fishing boat and motor is going to weigh just under 3000 lbs without the trailer. When you add a trailer and gear you could easily add another 500-1000 lbs. The average weight of a Jon boat will be right around 660 lbs and the average weight of a fishing canoe/kayak will be under 100 lbs.

Obviously, it’s all going to depend on what type of boat you get and what it’s made from. You can get boats that weigh a lot more than these numbers and you can get some that weigh less. These numbers are just averages. As long as you have a half-ton truck with a V8 engine, you should be able to tow pretty much all types of fishing boats. Let’s jump into the average weight of each type of boat.

BoatAverage Weight (Dry)What Will Tow It
Inboard/Outboard2940 lbsTruck & SUV
Jet Boat2922 lbsTruck & SUV
Jon Boat1206 lbsTruck & SUV & Car
Canoe66 lbsTruck & SUV & Car
Kayak94 lbsTruck & SUV & Car

Inboard/Outboard Fishing Boat

inboard boat

Inboard and outboard boats range all over the place in terms of size and material. I tried to pick a bunch of different types of boats and the average was right around 2940 lbs. That’s just the weight of the boat and motor and you’ll have to add another 500-1000 lbs for gear and trailer.

The first type of boat we looked at was the bigger ocean fishing boats. The boat we looked at was the Pursuit C 260, which is a 25-foot boat that weighed in around 6100 lbs.

The next boat was much smaller and that was a Boston Whaler style boat. These can be used for all types of fishing and this style of boat weighed in around 2200 lbs.

We then looked at a few Grady-White boats that were slightly different and both of those weighed in around 2400 lbs.

The final type of boat was a 16-foot v-hull style and the weight of that was a little over 1400 lbs. That’s an aluminum boat with no trailer and no gear.

BoatWeight Without TrailerWhat Will Tow It
Pursuit C 2606130 lbsTruck
Boston Whaler 170 MONTAUK2254 lbsTruck & SUV
Grady-White 191 CE2360 lbsTruck & SUV
Grady-White Freedom 1922475 lbsTruck & SUV
Tracker Guide V-161484 lbsTruck & SUV
Average Weight2940 lbs

Jet Fishing Boat

jet fishing boat

Jet boats can range in weight as well but the average weight of a fishing jet boat is right around 2900 lbs. Most of them are aluminum and that’s why they’re decently light. That weight isn’t including any gear or the trailer.

The first boat we looked at was the KingFisher Extreme, which weighed in around 2200 lbs. The length of this boat was just under 21 feet and it can be used in only 4 inches of water.

We then looked at a couple of Yamaha jet boats that were pretty similar but a different size. The smaller model weighed in a little over 2400 lbs and the larger one was a little over 2900 lbs.

The final boat we looked at was a 22 foot Duckworth. This was the biggest of the boats and the weight of it was a little over 4100 lbs without the trailer or gear.

BoatWeight Without TrailerWhat Will Tow It
KingFisher Extreme2200 lbsTruck & SUV
Yamaha 190 FSH2447 lbsTruck & SUV
Yamaha 210 FSH2917 lbsTruck & SUV
Duckworth ULTRA MAGNUM4125 lbsTruck & SUV
Average Weight2922 lbs

Bass Boat

bass fishing boat

A bass boat is going to be a bit lighter compared to the jet boats or bigger inboard/outboard boat. The average weight of a bass boat is going to be 1500 lbs without gear and trailer. You can expect to add another 800-1200 lbs for the trailer so the average weight for a bass boat and trailer is between 2400-2600 lbs.

We looked at a number of basic bass boats and most of them were a little over 1400 lbs with no trailer. Some of the more advanced models were around 1900 lbs with no trailer.

BoatWeight Without TrailerWhat Will Tow It
Tracker Pro 1601415 lbsTruck & SUV
Ranger Z5211950 lbsTruck & SUV
Lund 1875 Pro-V1475 lbsTruck & SUV
Nitro Z171450 lbsTruck & SUV
Average Weight1572 lbs

Jon Boat

jon fishing boat

If you don’t have a vehicle that can tow a bigger boat then you can always get yourself a Jon boat. These are actually some of my favorite boats because you can take them anywhere. The average weight of a Jon boat is 664 lbs without any gear.

The first three Jon boats we looked at were just your standard style where you sit on the back with the motor. These boats weighed between 320 lbs and 475 lbs with no gear or trailer. I like this style because you can just toss them in the back of the truck and go wherever you want.

The other type of Jon boat we looked at was one with a center console. This type of boat is quite a bit heavier and you’ll need a trailer to transport it. This style of Jon boat weighed in at a little over 1300 lbs.

BoatWeight Without TrailerWhat Will Tow It
Crestliner 1800475 lbsTruck & SUV & Car
Alumacraft 1648320 lbsTruck & SUV & Car
Lowe L1852MT475 lbsTruck & SUV & Car
Tracker GRIZZLY 20721388 lbsTruck & SUV
Average Weight664 lbs


fishing canoe

If you just have a car or don’t want to bring a trailer around then you can always go with a canoe. They’re light, can be taken to any body of water, and you can drive them pretty much anywhere. The average weight of a fishing canoe is right around 66 lbs.

The heavier types of canoes are the ones made from plastic and aluminum. These types of canoes generally weigh between 70 and 80 lbs. Canoes made from these materials are probably a bit more durable.

The lighter types of canoes are the ones made from wood and fiberglass. These types of canoes normally weigh between 50 and 65 lbs. I do prefer this style simply because they’re a bit lighter.

BoatWeight Without TrailerWhat Will Tow It
Plastic Canoe80 lbsTruck & SUV & Car
Wood Canoe50 lbsTruck & SUV & Car
Aluminum Canoe70 lbsTruck & SUV & Car
Fiberglass Canoe65 lbsTruck & SUV & Car
Average Weight66 lbs


fishing kayak

One of my favorite types of fishing is when I’m in a kayak. There are a bunch of different styles and price points but the good thing about them is that you can transport them by car. The average weight of a fishing kayak is right around 94 lbs. You can get kayaks that are way lighter but they normally aren’t the greatest for fishing.

The first two kayaks we looked at were made by Brookly Kayak Company. The first was a solo paddle kayak and the second was a solo pedal kayak. The paddle kayak weighed in at 68 lbs while the pedal was 73 lbs.

The next two kayaks we looked at were made by Hobie. They were a bit more heavy-duty and had more stuff going on. The Mirage Pro 12 is quite big and comes with a rudder, pedal system, and a big comfy seat. This kayak weighed in at around 132 lbs. The Mirage Outback was a little bit lighter and was right around 103 lbs.

BoatWeight Without TrailerWhat Will Tow It
BKC RA220 Single68 lbsTruck & SUV & Car
BKC PK12 Pedal73 lbsTruck & SUV & Car
MIRAGE PRO 12132 lbsTruck & SUV & Car
MIRAGE OUTBACK103 lbsTruck & SUV & Car
Average Weight94 lbs


As you can see, there is a wide range of different weights when it comes to a fishing boat. It’ll all depend on what style you’re after, what the boat is made of, and how heavy the trailer is going to be.

If you’re looking for a boat you can use for fishing, cruising, skiing, etc, then you can expect that to weigh somewhere around 3500 lbs with the boat and trailer. If you’re looking for a bass boat then you can expect that to be around 1000 lbs lighter.

If you only have a car or light SUV then you might want to consider a Jon boat or canoe/kayak. These weigh much less and can be transported around by pretty much anything.

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