How Fast Does A 125cc Dirt Bike Go?

Dirt biking is an awesome activity for anyone who enjoys speed and a 125cc dirt bike is a perfect option for the teenage rider. A 125cc dirt bike isn’t going to be the fastest bike in the world but it can definitely get up there in speed and in this post, I’m going to be talking about the max speed of a 125cc dirt bike.

The max speed for a 125cc 4-stroke dirt bike is it going to be around 50 miles per hour while the max speed for a 125cc 2-stroke dirt bike is going to be around 70 miles per hour.

It’s all going to depend on the make and model of the dirt bike and also the person riding the bike. If you have someone small and lightweight riding the bike, they’re going to be able to go a lot faster than someone who’s twice their weight. Also, it’s going to depend on the bike manufacturer itself because the Honda 125cc bike tends to go a little bit faster than the Yamaha 125cc bike.

The average speed that I mentioned above was taken from a wide range of bike models that were stock from the manufacturer. It’s pretty easy to add simple mods to the bike to make it go quite a bit faster but in this post, we’re going to be talking about a stock bike.

2 Stroke Vs 4 Stroke

Not all four-stroke dirt bikes are created equal. There is a wide range of top speeds across the different makes of bikes so it’s important that you do your research beforehand to know for sure. Some 125cc 4-stroke bikes will top out at around 35 miles per hour while others can reach speeds of up to 55 miles per hour.

Take the Honda CRF 125 and the Yamaha TTR 125 as an example. The CRF actually has a more responsive throttle and can also go faster than the TTR. That being said, the TTR has other features that are better such as more torque through all the gears and a more comfortable suspension. This is why it’s important to do your research beforehand and figure out what you’re really looking for in a dirt bike.

2-strokes, on the other hand, are much faster than 4-strokes when you compare the same sized bike. A 125cc 2-stroke bike will do laps around a 4-stroke. 2-stroke bikes are much quicker off the line and also have higher top speeds and that’s why they’re best suited for track racing.

Yamaha 125 Max Speed

TTR 125: This is Yamaha’s 4-stroke dirt bike and it has a top speed of around 50 miles per hour. This is one of the bikes that I have and is around what I’ve experienced (and others on the internet have as well). The manufacturer sometimes underestimates the top speed on their bikes so it can sometimes be off.

YZ 125: This is Yamaha’s 2-stroke dirt bike and it has a top speed of around 70 miles per hour. It’s much quicker and faster than the TTR and that’s why it’s best suited for track racing.

Honda 125 Max Speed

CRF 125: This is Honda’s 4-stroke dirt bike and it has a top speed of around 55 miles per hour. I don’t have this bike myself but this seems to be the consensus on the internet. It’s faster than the TTR but the TTR has more torque and is more comfortable to ride.

CR 125: This is Honda’s 2-stroke dirt bike and it has a top speed of around 70 miles per hour. Again, I don’t have this bike but this seems to be the average of what people are saying. The CR is pretty much the same as the YZ when it comes to top speed.

KTM 125 Max Speed

125 SX: KTM only produces a 2-stroke 125cc dirt bike and it has a top speed of around 73 miles per hour. It is slightly faster than the YZ and CR bikes and it also is more expensive. If your kid will be racing a lot and you want the best possible bike, this is probably it.

Suzuki 125 Max Speed

DRZ 125: Suzuki only produces a 4-stroke 125cc dirt bike and it has a top speed of around 50 miles per hour. It has the same top speed as the TTR and is slightly less than the CRF. If I were to pick between them I’d go with a Yamaha (1) or Honda (2).

There are other bikes out there from different brands that could be faster or slower but these are the most well-known bike models. Kawasaki doesn’t make a 125cc dirt bike but they do have a 100cc 2-stroke and a 140cc 4-stroke.

How Long Does It Take To Reach Top Speeds?

Dirt bikes don’t normally reach top speeds because they’re always turning corners on the track or you’ll be riding on rocky roads on the trails. Acceleration is normally more important than the top speed itself and the time it takes to get there will depend on whether you’re on a 2-stroke or a 4-stroke.

2-strokes are much quicker to accelerate compared to 4-strokes and that’s why they’re normally used on the track. A 125cc 2-stroke could easily reach its top speed in under 5 seconds while a 4-stroke would take a little bit longer. It’s also going to depend on the bikers skill level and also their weight.

If you have a complete beginner on a 2-stroke dirt bike they probably won’t be able to handle the power and will end up spinning out (and taking much longer to get to top speed). Also, if you’re a lot heavier than the other person it’ll take you a lot longer to top out. But on average, the numbers I mentioned about seem to be the consensus.

The Dangers Of Speed

It doesn’t really matter what you’re on, anything that rolls can be dangerous if you don’t have the experience. A 125cc dirt bike is mainly for older kids (who generally don’t have much experience on a bike). If you’re going to be getting your kid a dirt bike you’re just going to have to accept the fact that they will fall.

Even a 50cc bike can get going and there’s always the chance you’ll end up crashing. I’ve had my fair share of falls over the years (on all sizes of bikes) and each time I’ve learned what I did wrong. Get your kid some protective gear, show them how to properly work the bike, and let them learn from their experiences.

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