The History Of Husqvarna Dirt Bikes

Husqvarna is a company that has been around for a while now and produce more than just dirt bikes (like most other dirt bike companies). In this post, I’ll be covering the history of Husqvarna dirt bikes.

Back in Sweden in the 1600’s Husqvarna actually started producing equipment for the Sweedish military. They were mainly focused on that for a while but in the early 1900’s they started making bicycles and that transitioned into motorbikes.

The first bike they created used a 550cc four-stroke engine and in the early 1920’s they started entering international competitions. For the next 40 to 50 years they grew in popularity all over the world in the off-road industry.

In the mid 80’s they actually started running into some problems and were close to being put out of business. In 1986 the business was sold and then it was sold again to BMW who brought manufacturing to Italy.

In 2013 the company was bought by Austrian KTM AG and their bikes are now being produced in Austria. Here are some common questions about Husqvarna dirt bikes:

Where Are Husqvarna Dirt Bikes Made?

As of June 2019, Husqvarna dirt bikes are made in Austria in a town called Mattighofen. Before this, they were made in Italy when BMW owned the company and before that, they were built in Sweden.

Are Husqvarna Dirt Bikes Reliable?

I’ve owned a Husqvarna FX 350 for a few years now and there have been no big issues with it. It’s the first one I’ve owned and would definitely buy one again. They have a pretty good reputation with being solid bikes.

Who Makes Husqvarna Dirt Bikes?

Husqvarna dirt bikes are made by the KTM group who have also been making their own dirt bikes for years.

How Much Are Husqvarna Dirt Bikes?

Husqvarna dirt bikes are not cheap and can range from $3800 USD (for a 50cc dirt bike) to $10,000 USD (for a 450cc dirt bike). These are all brand new so you could find used ones for much cheaper.

Where To Buy Husqvarna Dirt Bikes?

Husqvarna dirt bikes are sold through licensed dealers across the world. Click here to find one near you.

Where To Buy Husqvarna Dirt Bike Parts?

There are probably shops in your area that sell parts or online at and

Are Husqvarna Dirt Bikes Street Legal?

Not all of the Husqvarna dirt bikes are street legal. The FE 350 and the FE 501 are street legal bikes. You can add mods to the other bikes to make them street legal (depends on where you are though).

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