Best Fishing Boats Under $1000 (For All Types Of Fishing)

If you don’t want to spend a fortune on a new fishing boat, the good news is that you have a lot of different options. I’m sure you could find some great deals on used ones but the boats I’ll be talking about in this post are all new. They might not be the most ideal setup but they’ll all get the job done.

Here are the best fishing boats under $1000:

  • Lowe L1236 Jon Boat
  • Mad River Adventure 14 Canoe
  • Old Town Discovery 119 Solo Canoe
  • Old Town Topwater 120 Kayak
  • Pelican Bass Raider Pontoon Boat
  • Colorado Inflatable Pontoon Boat
  • Perception Pescador 12 Kayak

I tried the best I could to find different boats to pick from. I tried to find different styles (kayaks, canoes, flat bottom, etc), different brands, and different sizes. Some people want something they can easily throw in the back of the truck while others have a trailer and an SUV. Continue reading for the full details of each fishing boat.

Lowe L1236 Jon Boat

Lowe L1236 Jon Boat

In my opinion, the best overall fishing boat is the jon boat. I like these boats because you can toss them in the back of your truck and you can take them pretty much anywhere. I’ve been able to get to some pretty remote places that would be impossible with a trailer.

I also like these boats because they have a flat bottom and that lets you drive them anywhere. There are a few marshes near my place and this is pretty much the only boat that’ll get in there (other than a kayak).

Lowe makes some really good boats and this is their best model under $1000. There are a bunch of other companies that make jon boats but I know a few people who have and like Lowe.

This model here is just under 12 feet long and it can hold three people. There’s plenty of room for all your gear and it’ll hold over 500 lbs of weight. This boat weighs around 120 lbs so it should be light enough for two people to carry and load into the truck.

Obviously, you’d also need to buy a motor for the boat. You can toss a 10 hp gas-powered motor on and you’ll have plenty of power to get around. I’ve just been using a little electric motor and it’s been good enough for fishing. It’s also much cheaper.

Learn more about the L1236 here.

Mad River Adventure 14 Canoe

If you’re looking for a two-person fishing canoe then this is a great option. It’s not the most advanced, fastest, or sturdiest canoe but it’ll definitely do the job. The price point of it makes it a really good value.

The overall design of the canoe is pretty stable and it cuts through the water really well. It’s also made from durable material so you’ll be able to hike it around and pull it up on rocks no problem.

Part of the reason I like this canoe is that it comes with padded seats. I’m sure you’ve been in a boat that didn’t have a backrest and I’m sure you know what it’s like. The seats on this aren’t perfect but they’re better than most and you don’t have to pay extra for them.

The length of this model is 14 feet long and the max capacity is just under 900 lbs. That’s easily enough for two people and all your fishing gear. The weight of the canoe is right around 75 lbs so it should easily be carried by two people.

Learn more about the Adventure 14 here.

Old Town Discovery 119 Solo Canoe

If you normally go fishing by yourself and want a canoe, this will be the one for you. It’s just a single-seater but the quality and design are better than most of the other canoes out there (in my opinion).

I like this canoe because it’s a lot more comfortable than a sit-in kayak and some people don’t like the feel of a sit-on kayak. It’s right in the middle and that’s what makes it the ultimate fishing machine.

The length of this canoe is just under 12 feet long and the weight capacity is 350 lbs. It’s also light so you’ll be able to truck it around no problem by yourself.

It comes with a padded seat which is a must-have in my opinion and it also comes with two built-in rod holders. You have a place for your tackle box on the back and there are mounts for your camera (if you have one).

Learn more about the Discovery 119 on Amazon.

Old Town Topwater 120 Kayak

If you’re looking for a solid fishing kayak under $1000 then this is probably your best bet. Again, it’s not the most advanced kayak out there but the value you get for the money is well worth it.

These types of kayaks are a lot more comfortable than sit-in ones. They’re also more stable and you can even stand in them, but that does take some practice. There is a lot more storage on these kayaks as well.

This model comes with three rods holders and there’s room for your tackle box on the back. You can also put an anchor system on the front, which is probably something you’ll want to do on your kayak.

The length of this kayak is 12 feet long, it’s around 33 inches wide, and it can hold 500 lbs of weight. That’s probably way more than you’d need but it’s always a good thing to have that much.

Learn more about the Topwater 120 on Amazon.

Pelican Bass Raider Pontoon Boat

This boat is a little bit different than you’re probably used to but it’s a really cool design. It’s obviously a two-person boat that can easily fit in the back of your truck. You’ll be able to take it pretty much anywhere.

I like the fact that you can remove one of the seats so you’ll have more room if you’re fishing by yourself. If you’re fishing by yourself you’ll have plenty of room to stand up and it’s stable enough to do so.

The boat also comes with built-in rod holders and there are motor mounts already built-in. The biggest motor you can put on is 3.5 hp but I’ve seen people use an electric and I’d probably go with that myself.

The length of this boat is just over 10 feet long and it’s 50 inches wide. It’s around 145 lbs, which isn’t too bad, but it should be able to be carried by two people. It’ll also hold 600 lbs of stuff which should be plenty for two people and all your gear.

Learn more about the Bass Raider here.

Colorado Inflatable Pontoon Boat

Colorado Inflatable Pontoon Boat

Another unique design is the pontoon boat with paddles. You don’t see a whole lot of these around but they are extremely fun to fish in if you’re going solo. I have an older model myself but the Colorado seems to be the most popular on the market.

I like this type of boat because they’ll fit in almost all trucks and SUVs (if they’re taken apart) and you can get them in the areas where a normal boat wouldn’t go. I’ve also put an electric motor on the back of mine and that makes it even better.

This model is 9 feet long and the overall weight is around 70 lbs. There’s a bunch of storage on this boat and I think it comes with around 20 pockets. Plus, it has an anchor system installed already, which is definitely needed on something like this.

It also has a rod holder that can be put on three different spots. What can you also do (if you don’t have a motor) is put on some flippers and use those to troll around.

Learn more about the Colorado on Amazon.

Perception Pescador 12 Kayak

If you want to get a sit-on kayak but don’t want to spend a fortune, this one will be for you. It’s going to be cheaper than the Topwater 120 but it still offers a lot of the same features. I wouldn’t say it’s quite as good but it’ll definitely do the job.

Everything about it is fairly similar to the Topwater but I don’t think it’s quite as comfortable. It’ll come with two rod holders, space for your tackle box, and it’ll hold a total of 375 lbs.

The length of this model is 12 feet long and the width is just over 32 inches. It weighs around 64 lbs, which is a little heavy but it should be manageable for the majority of people.

Overall, it’s not my favorite kayak for fishing but what you get for the money is a great deal, in my opinion.

Learn more about the Pescador 12 on Amazon.

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