The 5 Best Anti Fog Dirt Bike Goggles

There really isn’t anything more frustrating than having your goggles fog up 10 minutes into your ride, especially if they’re supposed to be anti-fog to start with. This post will cover the best anti-fog dirt bike goggles.

Picking the right goggles isn’t that hard to do and there are only a few things you need to look for. They’re meant to keep stuff away from your eyes and as long as they do that without fogging up, that’s all I’m looking for.

The main thing you need to look for is that the goggles actually fit your face and seal everything up. If there’s even the slightest gap it’ll let dirt, dust, water, and wind right up into your eyes. Not what you want.

I’ve had a few different goggles over the years that weren’t anti-fog and it was a huge pain in the ass. Some of them were supposed to have non-fogging lenses so I don’t really know what the problem was there.

Here’s some stuff you should look for in your goggles:

  • Make sure they come with removable lenses. When they get all scratched up you don’t need to go out and get new frames. All you have to do is snap the old ones out and put in a new lens. It’s way more convenient.
  • Get lenses that are designed for certain light conditions. If you’re riding out in the open it’s probably a good idea to get a lens that blocks out the sun so you’re not squinting the whole time. On the other hand, if you’re in the bush where light is limited, you’ll probably want a low light lens. If you get goggles that have removable lenses you can just swap them back and forth.
  • Only get goggles that have an anti-fog system (good airflow and ventilation).
  • If you’ll be racing or are riding in muddy areas you’ll probably want a lens that comes with tear-offs. The lens will have a thin clear plastic that can be torn off when it gets too muddy.
  • Pick goggles that have a good amount of foam on them for maximum comfort.
  • Make sure the strap has silicon on it to make sure it sticks to your helmet and won’t come flying off when you’re riding.

What Are The Best Dirt Bike Goggles?

  1. Oakley O-Frame MX Goggles: check the price on Amazon – These are my favorite goggles overall when you take into account performance, comfort, and price. My favorite is the matte carbon fiber. They are considered anti-fog goggles but they aren’t quite as good as the Airbrakes. Compared to other budget goggles though they’re pretty hard to beat.
  2. Oakley Airbrake MX Goggles: check the price on Amazon – These are my favorite high tech goggles and the reason they aren’t #1 is that they’re a lot more expensive. These are the top of the line goggles and one of the main reasons I like them is that they are extremely easy to swap lenses. They are anti-fog, scratch-resistant, and a lot of the professional racers are using them.
  3. 100% Strata Goggles: check the price on Amazon – These are my favorite budget dirt bike goggles. If you’re tight on a budget, these will be a great option for you. They are a little cheaper than the Oakley O-Frames and I’d recommend those over these ones but I’ve used these before and they’ve always done the job. They also do a great job of fending off dust.
  4. Fox Racing Main Goggles: check the price on Amazon – These are my second favorite budget dirt bike goggles. If you can’t get the O-Frames or the Strata goggles (or you want Fox to match your helmet) these are a great lens that won’t break the bank. They aren’t perfect but for the price, they’re pretty hard to beat.
  5. 100% Accuri OTG Goggles: check the price on Amazon – These are my favorite OTG (over the glasses) dirt bike goggles. If you wear glasses when you’re riding then these will be perfect for you. I normally wear contact lenses when I ride but sometimes for longer trips, I’ll have to wear glasses and this is the goggle I use.

Why Do My Dirt Bike Goggles Fog Up?

Dirt bike goggles will fog up in cold or humid weather conditions. The fog is created when warm and cold air meet and your goggles aren’t able to get enough airflow. If the air outside is cold and the inside of your goggles is warm (from your body heat) it’ll cause the lenses to fog up.

Even anti-fog lenses can still fog up. Sometimes they’re just not good quality and other times the coating on the inside gets worn off. If you’re constantly touching the inside of the lens, chances are you’ve removed the anti-fog coating.

How Do I Stop My Goggles From Fogging Up?

The best thing to do would be to getting yourself a good set of anti-fog goggles. Any of the ones I mentioned above would work well. If you have a good set or don’t want to fork out any extra money, there are a few other things you can do.

The next best option would be getting yourself some anti-fog cleaner or fog blocker spray. This is always a good thing to bring with you on a ride and all you’ll have to do is spray it on your goggles and wipe them dry.

The third thing you can do is to get yourself a new lens replacement (if your lens can be removed). Some goggles don’t have this option but a lot of them do. You can snap the old ones off and replace them with a new or better anti-fog lens.

There’s really nothing worse than having your goggles fog up 5 minutes into your ride. Spend a bit of money and get yourself a solid set of goggles and some anti-fog spray and your ride will be much more enjoyable.

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